Julie Breznai, INC

Appraiser & Estate Liquidator

4371 Park West Oval 

West Park, OH 44135

Friday February 19 10AM – 4PM

Saturday February 20 10AM – 4PM 

Numbers handed out Friday February 19 9:30AM

No exchanges, respect neighbors.


The Estate belonging an Air Force pilot and the owner of two West Park Religious Goods and Card Shops in operation from the 1960-80s. The house is full of oddities and clever decor for everyone. 

Must see photographs Wednesday.

Click here for pictures of this Estate Sale

  • Air Force Flight Suit
  • Antique Metal Bed (full/double)
  • Fabulous Oak Chifforobe
  • Mid-century Lane Bar Cart from Andre Bus Collection
  • Koehler Bedroom set in modern style
  • Antique Oak Sideboard
  • Much in Religious goods
  • Old radios
  • 1950’s electronics
  • Tube testers
  • Oscilloscope
  • Precision Sweep Signal Generator
  • Pair of Modern Gold lounge chairs with Pencil Legs
  • 2 Kingsley Machines with Parts
  • Surfboard coffee table with pencil legs
  • Safe with combination
  • Cedar Chest
  • 1968-69 AHL Barons Poster Life Size
  • 1960’s 3 piece shelving unit with bookcase and bar
  • Merman long couch with Pencil Legs
  • Wooden desk
  • Admiral Showcase Company Vintage Glass display cabinet
  • 12 piece Hummel Nativity Set
  • Set of China
  • Darling Hummel Holy Water Fonts
  • Fabric
  • Sewing Machines
  • Metal display racks
  • Vintage filing cabinets and storage lockers
  • Many black cupboards used as store storage
  • Office supplies
  • Moline Glider & B47 Strato-Jet large model
  • Marionettes
  • 1950/60s Gag gifts
  • Kitchen Aid K5-A
  • Chafing Dishes and Catering supples
  • 1960’s Bridal Gown
  • Electronic Advertising Signs (Large Eagle Stamp and Card Shop)
  • 12 FT Multi purpose ladder 
  • Power Lawn tools
  • Mens clothing
  • Records
  • Much in hand tools and power tools (many Craftsman)
  • Everlast wall hanging punching ball

Too Much to mention, Don’t miss this fun sale!

  • USAF Collectibles
  • 1947 Navy Aircraft Manuals
  • Benedictine High School
  • Casino Cards
  • Many Pratt & Whitney Manuals for engine operation
  • Flight Charts
  • Cleveland Hopkins Airport information
  • Coins
  • Navy Correspondence
  • American Airlines & National Aeronautic Association signed program from 1954 banquet (Col. Roscoe Turner)
  • Some Stamps
  • Photos
  • Pilot logbooks
  • Army Buttons